PANNONAGRI Ltd. – an independent private company – sales partner and representative of the grain dryers in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.

The name of our company is PANNONAGRI, which can be explained as follows: PANNÓNIA –  was a province of the Roman Empire like Germania, Britannia or Judea. Its location was the Western part of Hungary until the line of river Danube on the Eastern side. AGRI – clearly stands for agricultural.

Below please find our short company profile in English language. Photos about the installations which we have erected in the past 15 years you can find attached to the hungarian text. Our main activity is turn-key erection of grain cleaning, drying and storage complexes. We reach our customers and achieve our aims through:

Marketing and advertising activity
Sales negotiations, conclusion of sales contracts with the customers
Technical planning
Preparing of a complete documentation in order to obtain a permission for the erection of the drying complexes

We import all the machines which are needed in order to realise the projects.

• STELA grain dryers from Germany
DENIS flat screen cleaners from France
SKANDIA bucket elevators and chain conveyors from Sweden
SYMAGA grain storage silos from Spain
HÉRON- Cobra sampler 
from France

Steel frames, supports and supplementary accessories are manufactured at our own workshop. These parts link the above described technological elements into one technological system. The erection of the foundations of the machines is performed by construction companies according to the plans which we provide them.

In the run of an investment our company performs the following activities:

Assembly of the different machines and creation of a complete technological line from these components.
Planning of the electric system. Production of the switchboards to control the technology. Complete assembly of the electric system.
We put the complete drying and cleaning complexes into operation and train the operators to work with these machines.
After-sales service and consultation about the operation of the machines with the customers is our regular activity.
Every year we organize an extra training for the operators to rise their skills and to enable them to solve all the technical problems with their installations.
If the customer orders it, we check the whole drying technology before the start of the harvest. In case if any problem is identified with the dryer installation, we fix it in a protocol. The customer can than order the repair from us if he founds that our offer is competitive.

Our company was established in 1995 by leading specialists who have obtained experience of more than ten years in construction, sales and erection of a Hungarian made grain dryer, called Bábolna B1-15, which was manufactured by a state-owned company in Hungary. The technical features of the Bábolna dryer were not developed intensively. The manufacturer has not adopted up-to-date technical solutions, so the founding fathers of Pannonagri Ltd. have decided to establish their own company. The aim was to find the best drying, cleaning and storage technologies on the world market and to adopt them to the conditions of grain production in Hungary.

Until the end of the year 2014 the company has erected about 200 pcs. drying complexes of different capacities, among the other the presently biggest dryer in Hungary with capacity of 40 MT / hour (maize, from 25% to 15% moisture). Some projects were realised in the Slovak Republic. All the investments represent leading technologies in terms of low energy consumption, automatic process control and good quality drying.